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The secondary issue is, when you have instances for example lets say noe adminestratinos on thier way out give or send someone a symbolic jesture that has bene god to thier adminestrations, lest  say that theys end out  50 coupons to a favorite resteraunt to someone etc..etc..etc. and time passes and a new adminestatinos arrives i office etc..etc. and they bring in all of hier peole and places and things.................. And one day that perons fomr the first adminestratinos that received the coupons heads out to that resteraunt. aNd then a police officer show up or a state trooper....... and they attmpts to recent that offer ot attmpts to lpace on that offer coupons restrictunos with the  compositons tat  "they beleive that we gave that to you menaing their state goverment or locla goverment and so  whatw as given a a coupon was in fact...........  sme sort of state or locla stipulations that has atachments that are controled by  the state no a whole... and it erupts inot a contravercy"................. a couple of months goes bye and a lawsuit heads forward etc..etc and that indiidual is hardpressed to find a lawyers becuase the lawyers belive that they work for the te, rather thna clinets in that state........... anyohw it heads to court and that indiviual finds  a previous adminestrations employee to be summoned and they arrive in court. And no the tate that previous employees of that adminestrations states................... "YEAH,  W E  did give that to him or to her.. WE did  FOR   THEM   TO   DO   WHAT    THEY   WANTED  WITH IS   FOR   THEMSELVES   TO   SUIT   THEMSELVES"......................  and so beucase so many minorties or women have gronw up ona slanted field or grew up in so many programs that SIMPLE SHIT LIKE WE GAVE THAT TO TEM TURNES INTO A STATEWIDE CURT BALLTE OF WHAT THE STATE CONTROLS IN SO AS FAR AS PROPERTY OF OTHERS THAT THE STATE  FORWARDED TO GAVE TO,..................    SIMPE SHIT LIKE THAT. ANd  After that comment was made in court the individua goes on to estbalish all of the prpperty and other items and life experiences that the state has ilelgally gottne themselvs invovled with, behind thier attmots to place themselve as the maager of that garnishment to that individual fomr a previous adminestration......   THAT IS  HOW BAD IT IS IN AMERICA NOW. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THATS THE PROBLEMW WITH WOMEN AND MINORTIES AT THE WHEEEL....................................

 a lot of them come fomr prorams  and so hey dnot recognize personal or private ownerhsip when it comes inot the public forum.



 Well this is the situations ccording to soe peolpe in America with the minortities. And I have to use myself ans an example. See, most of what I have I earned myself,............... but along the way there have bene peole that wre considered "africna Americna or minorities. thier parents either had a city or state job or wrre invovled in some sort of sociala genda in which they socialized with others about society. and so what happens is those blakc mothers or minorties or what have you, they made excuses for thier failures in life or society. and so what they did was try to align thier son or duafhters in a  group that in whch they attmpted to protray peopl elike myself as being fast tracked or hvaing bene goiven all sorts of privliges in society by others  and whites. And thus they wre goven the inside scopp or fast track to thier kids. MEanwhile a lot of thier kids were well of menaing welafare paid for thier clothes and food or thier housing was securire and thier staple society needs wre paid for by the government and so they never missed a mela etc..etc. BUT THEY WERE SOLD A STORY ABOUT HOW THEY WERE SO DEPRIVED. That story comes fomr selfishness of those minorties. And so they intrude on the lives of other so called minorties like myself, THE WHITE PEOPLE NOW THIS. they white peolpe in America know that when I EARED my place i society is was rom making long term deciosn  an sometime sI missed a meal in life.. AND NOT BECUASE I WA SHANGING WITH MY FRIENDS........ eating a bag of chips that I bought with a welfare stipen. And soee thw wite America were aware of me for most of my life and they know that Iw as not fast tracked.  BUT THE DEPRAVITY OF MINORTIES IN AMERICA HAS BECOMS THE STAPLE EXCUSE MAKER FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE. AND SO WHAT HAPPENDD IS THAT THERE BECAME THIS NATONS WIDE CONSESUS TO FAST TRACK THESE BLAKCS AND OTHERS  AND OR USE UDER THE TABLE AGENDAS TO AID THEM IN THIER ADVANCMENTS AND SOMETIME EVEN OUTRIGHT SNOOP ON OHTERS SO THAT THEY CNA PLACE THEM ABOVE OTHERS AND BEFORE IN LINE FOR AGENDAS. This is wat happend in my case the wites kew that Iw as ont fast tracked and so whne it came time for some things to arrive for me,.................... and so they soome younger blakc males receibing before me..................................... they kw whatw as going on beuase te blakc cops and blakc court employees ans blck unions memebrs and women unons memebs and etc..etc...  they wre unaware that these were earned poitons fomr a long standing associaitons that you have to earn...................... AND SO THEY EXPLAINED TO ME THAT THIS IS WHY THEY HAVE SO VERY FEW BLACKS IN THIER COMMUNITIES,. BECUASE THEN THEY WOULD HAVE TO GO THORUGH ALL OF THIS DRAMA LIKE THIS  AND LISTEN O ALL OF THE BLACKS AND IER GROUPS LIE TO THIER FACES AS THEY TRY TO EXPLAIN THEMSSLVES I THIE SOCLA FORUMS OF THIER DEPRAVITY.............. A and this whites knw that they dnot have to explain themselves.............. and this is part of the uproarh in america where you have thier diluted and mmisguded populaions of minotiries and women that have gronw up undet the fast track and ojb and positons theft and other means.................. and they atmmt to blaclist or  side step those like myself who earend thier poitons in society...........  and so they blame the whites and whites associated wiith people like me............  when in reality those minorities were goven the fast track...............

 and this is sometin that farrahkahn needs to address with the blakc populations in america      A LOT OF THEM HAVE STORNE JOBS AND STOLEN POSITIONS AND A LOT OF THEM HAVE STOLEN IDENTIES ETC..ETC..ETC.   And so what happens is that some of these parents of these peole that have ben fast tracked ,.. your friend got invovled with nd your freind trusted them fully.... becuase of thier jobs and titl and what they were protrayed as in society. and when they got invovled with them..............................  THEY GOT SCREWED OVER...................... ECUASE THOSE MINORTIES DID ONT HAVE VALUES THAT MATCHED THIER JOBS AND THEY LACKED A LARGER UNDERSTANDING OF RESPONSIBILIY............. AND YOUR FREIND DOESNT WNAT YOU TO KNW THAT THEY GOT SCREWED OVER BECUASE THEY MIGHT NOT HAV THAT POSITIONS ANYMORE...

 AND THATS WHATS GOIG NO IN A NUTSHELL IN AMERICA...............................

and so the white man in america knows who he gav credentials to.... and so when he ses that nnigga running arud with amirs credentals...............  that nigga and that niggas momz and freinds arent aware that the white males knows exactly oh he gave shit to..............  and so thier excuses dont go far.................. but your girl and your agency freidns fell for thier bullshit and dont wnat you to know it................................... becuas they didnt do thier geroge washington

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