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Ok, lets get into this so tat we can get it out of the way, because so many people are effected by this. When you start talking about social success in America and the world. this is what you have to look at,..................... How did Japan get so successful..............? Because of WW2. Same way that WW2 Saved Germany,..... right? Regardless if it's legal or not for you to teach this. and your not going to like this but you wanted it. the issue with the so called middle east (meaning the America white mans name for the "ARAB COUNTRIES".. They were taught from a culture that told them that they would be lecturing the world and the world will reward them for it. That time has passed a looong time  ago,... and there were development and social developments that had to go along with that stage of world development and the middle east did not that that available to them... and so that era of world history did not arrive. Ad so they are out of step a little with history.

The same way that Afrikans would arrives to America in the 20 & 21 century and lecture black Americans........ be condescending and what have you. See the America white man saw this also.. and they understood why Afrikans did not progress more even though they had everything that was available to them that the America white man had. right, andnow what you had was now Afrika progressing more in line but they follow a more British rule of law,........... & then that British or German walks in the front door with their "AFRICAN AMERICAN FRIEND. you understand,..................... ?

And so what's going on is dealing with the last couple Chapters of the world according to humans in social development. And so like I said in American white mans terms,...

Now Asians are in American  in numbers along with Middle Eastern. And Asians outside of Japan have this attitude,.................... you know that black mothers that you cant stand that always in some shit...............  "IF IT WAS UP TO ME,...... ATTITUDE. And that comes from a foreign nationalistic attitude..................HAVE SOME PLACE TO GO BACK TO,... TO CLAIM THEIR GLORY. "I WORKED HARD, I BUCKLED DOWN.................. I GOT IT DONE.......... WHY CANT  ANYONE ELSE ".....?  AND THE AMERICA WHITE MAN URKS THEM,.......................... BECAUSE HE MEANT WHAT HE SAID WHEN HE WROTE THE CONSTITUTION................ HE DIDN'T MEAN, IF IT WAS UP TO ME........................ BECUASE   IT WAS UP TO HIM................................. AND THE NO GOOD NIGER SLAVE WAS INCLUDED IN THAT CONVERSATION. THE HOMELESS DESTITUTE BEATEN DOWN TROTTED, IN CHAINS  NOT A SHOT IN THE UNIVERSE............... NIGGERS...  WITH NO NATIONS AND NO LANGUAGE AND NO MONEY AND NO VALUE,......................... AND WHAT THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND IS THAT THEY R THAT BULLY  LOUD MOTH THAT GETS HIS ASS WHIIIIIIIIPPPPPEED IN THE SCHOOL YARD IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL.

WHHHHHIIIIIPPPPPEEEEEEDDDDDDDD,......................... AND JAPAN FIGURED THAT OUT LOOOOONG AGO. SEE THERE IS A BOOK THAT BEING WRITTEN ABOUT THE WORLD RIGHT NOW......... WHAT EVERYONE FAILS TO UNDERSTAND IS,............................... THAT'S LAW HERE.............. and you see, those slaves are also a part of american history.

Ok, let ,e help you understand,....   right now I live in a place right, that ha  a front desk, right.... right? when you ask me and you ask the USG, we both say that I am here because.. I ma waiting  from paperwork to be delivered to me by someone that works for city or state because of that case that  I had mentioned. But, your arrive from a foreign nations and so your limitations may be just that. Or, your one of these people from out of state that wants to feel important now, right.... right?................. ad so We have already established that there was a bad case and that the judge did something wrong, and that I waited for along time and still waiting. And being that this place is part of the American system and part of the american administrative infrastructure,........... it

s suited to house me as I wait for that paperwork to be delivered. Because this is how the systems is designed,.. the systems is not designed to make mistakes,. INDIVIDUALS MAKE MISTAKES OR INDIVIDUALS DO WRONG THINGS OR ILLEGAL THINGS. AND SO THOSE THINGS HAVE TO BE FIXED, HAVE TO MANDATORY............. and so the systems itself meaning the administrative agenda of that systems is responsible for the liabilities caused by these screw ups. So... are we on the same page now??????

Now you are from Florida or Mississippi, and you call or visit me, right and you drop off a pumpkin pie at the front desk and I don't receive it. why would you drop it off at the front desk, and why would the front desk receive it................... WHY WOULD YOU JUST COME STRAIGHT TO ME????? Now yo stand around and you read what I ma saying and you start to ask around, right.................. an there is a woman here or a woman there that says, WE don't know what he is talking about and etc..etc and that she works here and she works there and etc..etc all of this foolishness. And she knows this and that and that she believes that ,... and she is trying to figure out what I ma doing etc..etc. and using the police and state and fir and post office etc..etc..  right?

 And one day a guy from Brooklyn walks in and you meet them and they DC. And that individual then says, whats going on is all of you are trying to steal from Amir. And he goes no to say, Amirs tapes and music and business and welfare and property have nothing  to do with anyone that attempting to be involved. you understand and that's why they want to deport you,.... & your going crazy at why the USG is not trying to deport Amir. you see as a foreigner you don't know enough and so the lady at the desk where I reside GAVE YOU HER STORY, AND THE COP GAVE YOU HIS STORY, AND THE STATE GAVE YOU THEIR STORY, ERIC GAVE YOU HIS STORY............... THE JUDGE GAVE YOU HER STORY........  But none of those stories coincide with the facts, and my story and the story of the United States Government. And it's the United States Government that's deporting you, not Carole not the state not all of these people that have stories to try and make themselves look as if they have an associations with me. Not the people in the library, not the people in city hall..............   UNDERSTAND NOW......... AND THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WIT PEOPLE THAT ROW UP IN AMERICA AND DON'T UNDERSTAND THE BASICS. SEE WHEN MY STORY AND THE USG STORY MATCHES UP,........... THAT MEANS EVERYONE ELSE IS A LIAR,.. & THEIR PROBABLY SING THEIR JOBS FOR ANOTHER PURPOSE.

Well, with a follow up to the previous questions and answer, what you have now is a lot of these people and places and things that are in business all of a sudden want to act super de official. And so you will have companies that have on their speed dial  out of state police or this or that agency to try and act as if they are official. And within   those states what you will have are police or others or interstate agencies trying to act as of they have a legal part in the private sector world. and so lets take me for example WE WILL TAKE AN EXAMPLE FROM A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE, OK? Ok, I get recognized by Boston for some work I did in music, and the people in a state where I reside hear abut it and act up. Now, long story short I end up in court and  go through the whole process almost. the judge then pulls an illegal maneuver. And so in that illegal maneuver that judge tries to collect child support. HENCE THE WORDS THAT I STATE, THE JUDGEMENT THAT THE JUDGE ATTEMPTED TO MAKE WAS ILLEGAL. BECAUSE THERE ARE RULES. And so lest say that you are one of these want to be large companies that feels super now  and has a connections here or has a connections there, right. And you meet me online and I don't have a large scale concrete building,............ & so you start to form all of these connections within my state police fire this and that etc..etc. but you really don't form one with my or my comp,... because you believe that your going through all of the competent channels of legitimacy. And one day you get a knock on your door, the ugly knock............. and you cant figure out what you did wrong. And you wonder why I don't get the knock ugly knock on my door in the state where I am. you met me online and you did some "OFFICIAL CHECKING AROUND HERE THROUGH THE PROPER CHANNELS"............. & so your reluctant to do business or relations with me, and you only use contacts that are media related. And so in your conversation with the ugly knocker you say,.... know what I did some checking around and I heard that he owes child support and etc..etc  and that's why I don't do business or relations. Or in other situations you have people within the state that have instate connections and don't actually communicate or live a life or have a real business that not connected to the government. they start to formulate and create these scenarios around me that try and make a corporate structure or a formal structure that attached to he city or state or some other formal  association. And then one day someone from the USG arrives and bypasses all of that and meets and talks directly to me........... and you cant figure it out for the life of you why you get bypassed. WHEN ACCORDING TO YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE............ I'M NOT REAL..... UNTIL THAT USG PERSONAL MEETS ME,.. understand?

And one day someone comes along and starts to speak to me directly from your state and all of a sudden he or she starts to get all of the deals........................ understand?

HAD YOU ENGAGED IN A BUSINESS OR A SOCIAL OR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP.............. I WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU WHATS UP.  And it's those relationships that the United States Government honors. As legitimate,.................... See these people and business chose to attach themselves to a third party that has caused damaged to me and my business. And this is the problem with this new self riotous generation of business, governmental financed and representatives coming out in America.  And that's the basics of it all, .......................... 

Ok, A lot of people have asked about my picture that is on the contact page, and yes that is me. and no I do not work at the library,.. it is simply a picture of me so that you get an mage despot in your brain. People sometimes see my company and my work and what I do or say and wonder why I ma not picked up. The reason is simple, when the wars were in high gear and there was all talk of terrorism and fanaticism,........... a nice lady that worked in a important federal agency had my mixtape (EGYPT) and my business card E"EMPIRE GAMES" . which was my business at the time on her shelf in her office. The enemies and FANATICS that are the enemies of America and that they will eventually get around to, or fanatics that are so interested in why doesn't  my image look like a corporate profile image with an all blue or all white background etc..etc..etc   those are the fanatics that America is looking for. See, I lived in DePAsquale Ave and I had received a visit from a few people, and that visit went well, I sold video games from my house, from my living room and my business card, and that's how the US GOVERNMENT  HAD A COPY OF MY CARD. This is why it isen't going so well for Mr TRUMP, he makes all of the wrong decision  because he interpretations stuff as HE PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY SEES FIT. And we have a lot of these fanatics still running around America in cities and in states. they say I work at a library or that they will only contact a library because that's how they feel and whats proper,....... or they  say that people like me arent in real business. THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES SAY'S THAT WE ARE.  And that's what you need to learn.................................. If someone ie me hands you a care or an mage and you deny it, and a FEDERAL AGENCY DOESN'T........................ doesn't matter of you work in a huuuuuge corporations state city countryside  street corner,... YOUR IN TROUBLE...............  And this is why ITE© hasent had any issues with the US GOVERNMENT. Because the enemies of the government are the fanatics. And so my mixtapes only said EGYPT on the cover,................ does that mean you travel all of the way to EGYPT............?

Ad if that tape is on the shelf of a federal agency or in an archive in a federal facility in DC AS EGYPT.................................................. IF YOU WERE RAISED TO BE SO FANATICAL YOU CANT  SEE PAST OR INTERPRETATE SIMPLE THINGS,... YOU HAD BETTER HAVE A WORD WIT YOUR COMPANY, CITY, STATE FAMILY OR REGIONAL REP,.... BECAUSE YOUR IN TROUBLE KID,.......... NOT ME

Well what you may or my not understand that, is a large portions of America is engulfed in large organized rackets or scams FEDERAL AGENCIES INCLUDED. And the name of those RACKETS is called "LEGITIMACY"....................................... these were once small operations run by very wealthy people or philanthropy groups......... ever lived in a large city or a small town and see two cars have a little fender bender or a small tap with a bumper. and one driver gets out, and waits and the other driver never sows, so that first driver leaves a note or information. Now, it' s 202 in America and imagine that same thing happening in Cambridge where HARVARD has 30,000 students all "COLLEGE EDUCATE". Now the same scenario happens and there are a couple college students watching....... and the first river waits and then attempt's to leave....... CHANCES ARE THOSE COLLEGE STUDENTS WILL COMMIT A CRIME THERE...... Because they equate their college educations with legitimacy. How philanthropy groups and  extremely wealthy got involved is, they became professionals at networking and  controlling large groups of people in organizations. TRUST ME POLITIC ANS AND FEDERAL AGENCIES ARE ENGULFED IN THESE SCAMS ALSO IN AMERICA. See the philanthropist learned that, have these larger groups was like controlling a jury. No one could get a word in either way,... Now. see that female  college student standing next to those cars committing a crime, .. SHE IS NOW AN FBI AGENT.

Now everyone wants to act legit now a days. And this means for a lot of people that your involved in these groups that these very rich or philanthropist control. Trust me  law groups the judiciary .... their all consumed by it. Now that same groups is running around.................... & no one will talk to the driver of car number 1. 

EXCEPT THE MEDIA............................................... Because now there i some confusion as to weather the definitions of legal or legitimate, is or has been mistaken for SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE. And so now who is in control of the socially acceptable. And so what happens is that the car owner number 1. Gets lefts standing or  heads home alone while the racket starts to take no a mind of it's own. And this is because the driver figures out that  their defense of their position is seen as an attack no the socially acceptable community that has gathered.... RATHER, THEN THEIR RIGHT AS A DRIVER OR AN AMERICAN OR A PERSON. And so now that crowd wants to see the note that's left on the second drivers car................  AND THAT ACTIONS RIGHT THERE, IS THE COORDINATED EFFORTS THAT THE RICH OF PHILANTHROPIST HAS ALWAYS WANTED (CONTROL)........... AND IN THAT THIRD PARTY CONTROL THEY ARE BALE TO GAIN ACCESS TO UNPRECEDENTED INFORMATION AND PEOPLE AND PLACES AND THINGS... ITS CALLED RACKETEERING................................................ AND THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT JOE BIDEN OR MIT ROMNEY DON'T GO ALONG WITH AND ARE CALLED OLD AND ARE CALLED RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS.......... BECAUSE THEY WOULD LET AMERICA PLAY OUT, AND CALL FOR THE ARREST OF THE COLLEGE STUDENTS.    **********TRUST ME     THEIR    ALL  INVOLVED  IN   IT **********

 And so that's why you see things the way that you do,............... hope that answers your questions. for today, . . . .  .     :  )

The  questions was asked, why does it seem as though we favor on region of the world or one areas over the rest of the world.

the answer as short as I can state is, We have to deal with too much when dealing with some areas of the world. And so if you see me consistently  on FACEBOOK or other programs, communicating with people in Jordan or other places. For example 3 people that work at a radio station in Jordan no FACEBOOK. This is because they respond first hand..... they communicate effectively first hand. when dealing in the states what happens a lot of time is that there are generational gaps that exist and in those generational gaps we can easily see where the parent generations didn't want to younger generations to communicate outside of their environment or that parent generations wanted to control technology. Or that parent generations wants to control most of the resources of that region, leaving the younger generations  a conversations piece.

And so IF I am leaving  an email or a receiving a moon flower promo or there is an event going on, and you feel left out of the loop. See IF  we send out  promos we are sending them to exactly who we are labeling them. And so lest say that you have a state and lets take the state tat I ma in right now. I'm in Rhode Island and lest's say I send a promo to Michigan, and you open it and read it. do you react tot hat email or promo, or are you going to react to someone from Rhode island that tells you to read that promo a way that they want, or to disregard it or that the promo may have been labeled to you but, it's really something for them. And these situations will go as fare as they possibly can in some areas,. and that public servants will get involved and stories and theories get conjured up, as to where and why their promos are going out. Rather than you reading it as it is.

And so we don't want to wrestle with your parent psychotic mentalities in trying to control you  agenda in society and your town and your over the hill representatives that want to sit around for hours on end trying to figure out the secrets of the Universe. We understand that being accepted in society is a thing for all humans and we don't want to interfere with people who may have a tough time in their society reading emails or promos that are geared for them and for their age group and for their society as a class of people on earth.

We understand that these and we like to call them the "PARENT GENERATION IN AMERICA" this so called parent generations has a way of manipulating society into beveling that they are the gateway to adulthood in America....... and they have a way of fucking up a lot of people heads and manipulating the public spaces and institutions into beveling that they are something special.... and the younger generations pay a sever price for trying to be the adults that they also really are independently of these groups of people.

And so it's of no prejudice to you or your state or community, but  again as I stated its about prosperity,............. not your parent generation continuously trying to interfere or tear down or play a pat in something their really not invited or involved with. And so if you cant read a email or promo at face value,.................... and take it as it is,... and your  still answering to an adult generation that is waaaay out there................................ waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy.

Its all about playing a part, and we cant offer anything to anyone that their parent generations is hovering over them telling em they can or cant have  or that their communications with others are really meant for them and their associates and friends.