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ITE©, is not a public institution, ITE© does not trade publicly and is not founded in non profit or not for profit status. ITE© nor any of it's subsidiaries operates on a public condition, nor is a public domain service. ITE© is a and operates as a private interest group and entity as well as all subsidiaries and previous interests matter and corporations as well as interests. Any use of ITE© material must be approved by the signatory





Promotional and advertising aspect of ITE©. One of the first recognizable teams in the world. Although not advertised visually. Many of it's promotions have made it globally.

By simply becoming part of the Moonflower© team.This is where we place quality on putting someone else first along with their products or organizations.

Working to create business & opportunity for others can be a very rewarding & enjoyable experience for everyone involved.Registration is free, along with selected promotions.




An artists portal used to demonstrate in the field of development & artists renditions including works. A branch of ITE© that serves to accredit the works of some famous & some not so famous artists worldwide.

Although not technology driven or a market atmosphere. StyleMasters© is a well loved extension of ITE© . It places a personal approach on our interests outside of the business world.While putting a premium on Style, hard work & talent. Qualities we can all appreciate in our lives. Weather at work or in play StyleMasters© is a place for artists.


Interests from parties, through contract or agreement. Secured by contract or agreement of working conditions. Relative to market expectations & exchange revenues between parties, NOT street values or consumer exchange. All information is subject to changes within agreements or restructuring of policy arrangements, between parties. Totals are frozen according to trade rates of posting, according to rates (subject to influx in demographics).

RUSSIAN FEDERATION 184049994000 руб 1/61.35

Locked in at rate as foreign development/ Until restructuring

JAPAN 1192803513000 ¥ 1/119.2565

Locked in at rate as depositor/ Until restructuring

Germany 9,116,440,000 € 1/.91164

Locked in at rate as producer/ Until restructuring

ITE©, looks to be the future of LARGE RISK/HEAVILY MANAGED loans.

All material is owned and operated by International technology & Exchanges for use, sale, distribution or license by ITE©. A ll rights are reserved and terms apply according to transaction & respective agreements between parties. ITE© Is a privately owned and operated entity. ITE© coordinates and accommodates according to international standards and practices . In according to it's relationship with the international community. Not subject to domestic affairs or community interests.



Collaborative agreements, are a designated program of ITE© and other nations of the world. Working collectively on trade and manufacturing along with technology developments. These agreement are a designated package offered by ITE© specially for the host nations of that proposal. Each partner nation with ITE©, in the collaborative agenda, has been specially designated and chosen according to their ability and regards to the world policy of ITE©. With the city of MADABA chosen for the Collaborative Zone Agenda.

Ok, Ill try nd explain the socila crash going no in America and why its so easy for foregn nations. Seee the website ehre, this is noe that I created it serves ITE©.So, inside of the state of Rhode ISland you may have individual or peoke that might try and claim some sort of sate or locla associaitons with ITE©, thats false. this is whatw e saw previusly when some peoke fomr the neighnorhood of my red house didnt accept that I ws the only guy thatw as going somthing for myself. And it wasent attached to anyone or any office that they knew about. 

sow aht happens is peole get lost in thier delusona thier police and thier state and employees etc..etc. And so what happens is the police and other try to relate to ITE©, one way or another. This is an attmt to ry and gain interst in thmselves and give temselves and thier community a false sence of associaiton and properity. so they aste thier time clokcing my internet  etc..etc becuase WHO NOWS HY.......... what webelive is that they are all pretening to act liek an actual corporations and how a real corporatios oeprates esepcaily the ones that I have rpeviosuly worked for. And so tey try and adopt situations and scenaions in whcb I or ITE� might be associated with.......

Nw the peole that I bump int online or thorugh business etc..etc. if they communicate with me peronsally or though busines its thorugh a communicatinos thorugh the internet  my personla or ITE©, depending on ow we associate onlint weather emila or socila media cna negate if there are other peole in the conversations, as you cna see online oher cna see who you associate with  etc..etc.

 and so what happens i sometime if a prons is locla in thier community, lets say someone is locla in california and in illinois.... menaing hier buiness and perosn intersst are centered around what goes on there locally................ they may not see eye to eye with me and peole like me etc..etc and thorug the socila emdia stray off courer to associaitons wit other online that also asociate with me. this is where they cna bump inot peole that are locla here that I myself and ITE© do not associate with................... and what happen is an exchange of ideals and deas betwen those peole and the locla peole hre police and etc..etc state what have you..........

ut what happen si as ITE© busines caries on those that are not locla and are inclcined to buiness and the climate that ITE© is in... they stay online and work with the situations  and ITE©. And so while others are jumbeling around  invovled i thier associaitons trying to find ways to associate and non associate with ITE© and thier locla commiits and thier locla employees base etc..etc..

you see those that are not associated and affialietd fast at work with ITE£  associaitons contracts and toher business related. And you askd whats up witht hat women that appras to be sitting alone working online................. that woman is letting me know that se is ignroing a lot of the peole that are on ocial netowriking trying to debunk ITE©.. and following thrgh on the contracts i her corporatinos and in her country  etc..etc and with the other partner compnaies  etc..etc.

 And so what you can actuall do it draw a chart and have different areas and different level to that chart  locla state federla  internationsl corporatios international corporations  etc..etc and try and place yourself in there some pace and ee where and woh you associate with and what the tlkaing points and what are you associated with online  inregards... tc..etc..etc. wasting your time with locla peole and cops running aroudn fruitlessly trying to debunk everyone else that has something going on and costing thir communities progress and develoments....etc..etc... ?????

understad now.. and so many times epolpe dont understand unless there is a chart drawn and they are no it some plac and are bale to se eon hard copy  who they associate with and what fruies they have to bare.......................

And so thats what goes no  around here i large parrt surrounded by peole that consruct theselarge elaborate scehems to try and claim sone afiflaitns to ITE© or trying to debnk ITE©.......


                              TWO BIGGEST STORIS OF THE CYCLE (YEAR)