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All projects are open to public and private interests for bids.

*We do NOT contract out sales to outside merchants or agents*


(ITE, retains the rite to promote and advertise all projects according to company and interests. Outside advertising and promotions are strictly discouraged without expressed written consent)

Periscope Weapons System (Gift to Russian Federation)

CODE X : Under Development (SOLE PROPERTY OF ITE©) /$8,000,000,000.00

Hex Converter: Future development (ITE©/ Jordan)

Automated Data Delivery System (Large Corporation/Government)
Bidding process/ request for product description (RESERVE, Russian Federation)

Eclipse (Systems) $10,000.00 Deposit / $14,000,000.00 (NEGOT, PERIOD)

KONETEKS Opening 2014/ 002 (JAPAN/ RESERVE)

Msingi (Project) $10,000.00 Deposit / $200,000.00 (estimate) (PENDING, Spain)

Rehe (Systems) (Large Corporation/Government) (PENDING, Jordan)

Changa (System) (Large Corporation/Government)

Imboni (System) (Larger Corporation/Government)

Zaidi (Concept, Development, Mfg) (Personal/ Venture, Private individual) $40,000.00

Izinga ( Development,Mfg, Instillation) ( Large Corporation/Government/Military)

Pinocchio ( Proper Facility/Management)
$10,000.00 Deposit / Negotiable *

Dummy (Proper Facility/Management)
$10,000.00 Deposit / Negotiable *

Color Prism Images (2)
Package $140,000,000.00/ Separate $70,000,000.00
Copyright images, custom. Reflection of the times...originals. *

Interconnectors (System) (Large Corporation/Government)

Helocopter Posts (Proper Facility) (Large Corporation/Government)

Fountain Myst Sprayer (Proper Faciliy) (Large Corporation/Government)

Market Charts© (Membership/ Annually) Open to public, $1,000.00

Jump Station (Location,Management) (Large corporation,Government,Investor) $2,000,000.00 /Contract Relations.

StyleMasters© Marketing & Promotional Project ($Negot.) (Pending/ Russian Federation)

Byrail Systems (Large Corporation,Government) Open to ALL markets, Variable Pricing

(Partner : Guangdong Qiguang Steel Structure Co.)

Nachrichten aus der Chemie ( 12 issues/ no import stickers or marking/has our company stamp on covers, good condition, frameable)

$1200 / firm

Felsic (intellectual property management/ownership) future projects team, under development.

Release date to be announced later 3'rdQuarter of 002.

Color Prism Energy Cell ( current development) (Reserved/Germany)

Some projects may require Millennium Zoning, for approval. Check with governing body & ITE© for more information

regarding zoning & application process. All regions do not require or qualify for zoning, as a specific agenda of project

maintenance or installation. Final Zoning apporval is conducted through ITE© representative, as a quality standard

BEFORE final installation. Millennium Zoning is an apparatus of ITE© and is subject ONLY to internal evaluations.

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In accordance with international standards on items of sale and license or distribution.All items with (*) allow's for transactions in the United states.